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Educational & Career Services

Registration:  Ongoing - Virtual 

Please Call 732-281-8653 


Registration is required for all classes.  

For additional information call 732-281-8653
Classes are subject to change due to enrollment.

Workforce Learning Link

Eligible participants who have been identified through the One Stop Career Center will receive individualized education and job readiness plans. Program has been designed to increase participants educational levels to enter training, obtain HS Diploma, learn English and career/job skills to achieve self- sufficiency.

First Step to Self Sufficiency

Eligible participants will gain employability skills through a variety of workshops, identify barriers to employment; resume building, work readiness, credentials and computer skills. Each participant will create an individualized plan to build skills towards self-sufficiency.

Next Step to Employment

Eligible participants have the opportunity to gain employability skills as well as stackable credentials. Program provides job related workshops to increase skills for participants seeking employment and/or career training. Participants will be provided training and work experience relevant to the jobs in demand in Ocean County.

All participants must be verified for eligibility through

the Ocean County One Stop Career Center - PIC Office.

Programs funded through a grant provided

by the Ocean County Department of Human Service.  

Program is located at 1258 Route 166, Toms River.

Call 732-281-8653 for additional information.

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