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Tot & Tyke Basketball

It's never too early to learn the basic skills of basketball. Dribbling, shooting and passing will be taught. Modified baskets will be used for participants' success.

Place: Gym (Max: 10; Min: 5)

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A cross between Ping Pong, Tennis Racquetball and Badminton, Pickleball is played as a singles or doubles game. Players use oversized ping pong paddles and a whiffle ball. The game is played on a badminton sized court that is divided by a 34 inch high net. Pickleball is a great sport for teens and up including baby boomers and active seniors.

Community Volunteers run this program hosted by St. Francis  Community Center, please refer all questions to the Volunteers. 



Open Gym Schedules Available In Lobby


All Level Yoga


Come discover the health benefits of yoga! In this class you will learn breathing exercises, various yoga poses, balancing, stretching and meditation. Students should be comfortable seated on the floor for short periods of time. If you have any medical conditions check with your physician before registering. Please bring a Yoga mat to class.


Yoga Is For Every Body


Basic Boating Safety Courses - NJ Certified

Ages: 13 & up         

The NJ State Police Certification Course for Basic Boating Safety will consist of a total of 8 hours of lecture and video with homework and test. This class will prepare and certify you to operate a motor boat or a personal water craft vessel in NJ. Certified operators ages 13-15 may operate vessels with up to a 1 hp motor. However, if the vessel is over 12 feet long, then motor may be up to 9.9 hp. Certified operators ages 16 and older may operate any motor boat or personal watercraft.

Workbooks will be provided.

(Max: 30 Min: 10) Must attend both classes.

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